Online Diploma in Yoga Therapy

September 15, 2020
Yoga Teacher Training


Online and one month internship

Star ting: Sunday 20th Sept 2020

(Online Weekend batches)

Intensive Yoga Course

SNET offers a comprehensive range of courses in yoga from basic to advanced stages. SNET is affiliated to various certifying bodies in India and abroad. The YADYT course is targeted at Yoga teachers and practitioners who want to upgrade their knowledge & skills in the field of Yoga Therapy. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance international, India. YAI's Certification is recognized by Yoga Organizations worldwide. YAI Certified individuals will be able to teach anywhere in the world.


Ÿ Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology

Ÿ Basic Ayurveda & Naturopathy concepts

Ÿ Imparting knowledge about therapeutic aspects of Yoga

Ÿ Empowering the learners with Yoga Therapy for different diseases

Ÿ Explore therapeutic benefits of Yoga in ancient scriptures

I really enjoyed the teaching methods during the course. I saw my development and growth day by day. It is an intense experience and at the same time with pleasure and good moments and laughter. The teachers are one of the strongest points of the course; they know how to transmit the content in an easy and clear way. Now I am confident of my abilities in yoga, highly recommended if you want to learn to teach yoga! - Dr. Manasi Bawdekar

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To Signup Contact the Training Centre:
South Indian Welfare Association (SIWA), Sector 14,
Koparkhirane, Navi Mumbai - 400709, Maharashtra, INDIA
Course Co-ordinator - Umesh Lalit Mobile: +91 93234 48797
Dr. Jagdish NaiK: +91 75066 08022 / +91 75066 08033

· D r . J a g d i s h N a i k – Ph.D. Yoga, Certified Acupuncturist, (Beijing, China) Founder HOD, Ayur Arogya ( Integrated Medicine)
· Dr Satish Pathak - M.S.,F.C.P.S.,M.N.A.M.S.(Surgery)
· Dr. Rajani Pradhan – Ph. D. Yoga Shastra
· Dr. Kaustubh Salvi – B.N.Y.S., Naturopathy Consultant
· Dr. Akhilesh Shukla – B.A.M.S., M.D, Ph.D.
· Mr. Manoj Mehta – YIC (S-vyasa) - Practical
· Ms. Vijaya Chandran – YIC (S-vyasa) - Yoga Therapist
· Mr. Umesh Lalit – Pursuing M.Sc. (S-vyasa) - Yoga Therapist (Course Co-ordinator)

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