Yoga in Vietnam

August 8, 2019

A beautiful country with beautiful people. Vietnam is a very unexpected but extraordinary hub for Yoga. While the country side is serene, the city life of Vietnam is a melting pot of people, with streets lined up with some amazing cafes and eateries. The soft natured and gentle hearted locals are most welcoming and their hospitality is extraordinary. Humble, gentle and really hardworking, this is what comes to mind when describing the Vietnamese people. What really surprised me about Vietnam was the scale at which Yoga is carried out in Vietnam. It seems very much part of the mainstream. Rather than the boutique Yoga Studios that are common in the west, I noticed that in Hanoi, there were quite a few large Yoga Centres. Buildings with 5-6 floors with a large Yoga studio on each floor. Classes starting from 6 am and ending just before 10 pm, with footprint of over thousand souls visiting daily if not much more. Imagine a Les Mills like facility, but for Yoga, spread across 6 stories.At times these buildings would have a Spa or Har Stylist and even a Gym, but these were only an after thought, with the Another very interesting aspect about the Vietnam Yoga scene was India Yoga Teachers. They have tremendous respect for Indian Teachers and Masters. It was very common to see these Indian Masters or Instructors on very stylish and branded posters, in complicated Yoga posters, acting as a brand ambassador for the company they represent, like modern-day sport celebrities. The scale is big and Yoga is a flourishing enterprise. While the focus is largely on the physical body and physical prowess is regarded as a benchmark of a Yogi, the sincerity with which the Vietnamese people practice the Yoga and the dedication each individual and the organisations put in to brining this Yoga to their country is simply remarkable and awe-inspiring. The Vietnamese people really respect India, Indians and Indian Yoga teachers, with the ability to earn really well.

I was blessed to be able to attend an event by HƯƠNG ANH FITNESS & YOGA as there guest and found the level of time, energy and resources they put into the event, simply amazing! Check out this video:

Here's another video of an Indian Yoga Teacher talking about the opportunities for Indian Yoga Teachers in Vietnam.

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