What is Meditation?

De-bunking some myths and gaining a deeper understanding

Meditation is not just about being in a quiet place. It’s about being quiet within, no matter where you are. You can listen to music. or make your own. Meditation can relieve stress and cerebral tension, reduce anger, anxiety and insomnia while increasing you body’s natural capacity to heal itself. You could be walking. or running. You could be seated cross legged on the floor. or a chair. Meditation can be done, anywhere, anytime. Become truly free! Inside and out. No Matter where you go. You just need to know how.

Ways Meditation Can Actually Change The Mind and Brain

  • Meditation Helps Preserve the Aging Brain
  • One of the most interesting studies in the last few years, carried out at Yale University, found that meditation decreases activity in the default mode network (DMN), the brain network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts – a.k.a., “monkey mind.”
  • Meditation has the ability to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain.
  • Improves focus and concentration.
  • Revitalizes the central nervous system.
  • Cultivates a positive attitude and joyful outlook to life.
  • increase cortical thickness in the hippocampus, which governs learning and memory, and in certain areas of the brain that play roles in emotion regulation and self-referential processing.

The Yoga and Meditation Connection

On hearing the word Yoga, what generally comes to one's mind is the image of someone in a complicated Yogic Posture/Asana. However, asana or postures are only the latest development in Yoga. Originally, the process began with concentration, contemplation and a spontaneous awakening or rising of the mental consciousness to a higher level, resulting in a plethora of insight or realisations, resulting in a union at some level with the source or universe or God or The Force, however you choose to call it. In modern times however, once associates Meditation with sitting still. In truth, both are parts of the larger process of Yoga. The primary objective of Yoga and Meditation are both one and the same - union or united ness with one's true self or higher nature and of the Divine. Stillness of mind, peace, calm, good health and other benefits are a natural byproduct of this endeavour.

Who am I?

Over the centuries, it seems that for mankind, it is meditation that is really capable of giving this answer.

Who am I?

Where do I come from?

Am I simply a body that will be born and die?

Through meditation, we can understand more clearly the physical, emotional, mental, aspirational and spiritual aspects of our existence. For the seeker, looking to find true meaning for their existence, meditation opens the doorway to an vast universe full of infinite possibilities, secret wisdom and inner knowledge that cannot be understood or grasped by the senses. For the seeker of truth and purpose, meditation becomes a path or adventure, a journey into the worlds that lie beyond the radar of the senses or the comprehension of the human mind. A means to connect with the source consciousness of all that is, was and will be. An exploration into the endless possibilities and faculties that lie vacant within us, discovering our true self, our eternal self, one that is not limited by the abilities of our physical body, limited energy and the libraries and search engines we have so skilfully curated. A realisation that is embedded as a seed in inner experience, one which flowers and blossoms to reveal our true, eternal nature.

Where can I Learn to Meditate

There are several kinds of meditation freely available these days. From Youtube videos and mobile apps to Meditation and mindfulness groups worldwide. The ideal way would be to find an authentic Meditation Master and to practice and learn under their guidance. From traditional based approaches like buddhism or vedanta, to modern visualisation and concentration techniques, there is a wide range of teachings available. It is important to see what appeals to you and choose an option accordingly. At International Yoga News, we recommend studying under any school led by Swami Vidyanand or a certified teacher from Meditation Alliance International.

A word of Caution

If you are using any meditation on an app or by videos, better to do a live one of an authentic master or choose one with simple techniques or basic visualisation, such as visualisation of positive/nature things. Refrain from anything that highlights "manifesting", "Law of attraction" or Chakras or Kundalini. These should be learnt under the direct guidance of a genuine master or experienced teacher

You are not just your physical body. You are not just your blind emotions or burning desires. You are not just your mental ideas or ego identity. You are beyond. A child of the eternal. - Swami Vidyanand


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