World Yoga Federation®

Calling all Yoga Teachers and Studios! Are you tired of paying large sums of money simply to keep your school registered? Want affordable One-Time Payment for Life time membership and no Annual Renewal fees?

An International Yoga Certification Body

World Yoga Federation provides International Certification, recognition, registration and an International Platform to Yoga Organizations, Yoga Federations, Yoga Institutes, Yoga Studios and Yoga Teachers worldwide.

World Yoga Federation is an organisation that works towards equal opportunity and international recognition of all yoga practitioners, teachers and organisations from all over the world.


  • Provide International recognition and International Certification to Yoga Teachers, Yoga Masters, Senior Yoga Practitioners, Yoga Studios, Yoga Organizations, Yoga Associations, Yoga Federations and Alliances.
  • Providing International Certification to those who have trained outside a commercial setting in Yoga, have years of practice and depth of experience, but no institutional background after an in-depth assessment.
  • Organize and support Regional, National and International Yoga Sports and exhibitions of Yoga.
  • Create a platform dedicated only to Yoga where Yogis from across the world can showcase their activities and advertise their offerings.
  • Job Support for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Centres.
  • Support to setup new Yoga Studios worldwide.
  • Organize and Support Yoga Conferences, Yoga Festivals and Yoga Events - regional, national and international.
  • Encourage research and analysis of Yoga and Yogic Physiological and psychological methods.
  • Guiding new comers in the field of Yoga to create a successful enterprise, based in authenticity, goodwill and progress.
  • Providing a platform to find authentic yoga centres, organizations and teachers.

"The human race always progresses most when it asserts its importance to nature, it's freedom & its universality." - Sri Aurobindo

The World Yoga Federation endevour to bring this freedom and universality amidst the Yoga Fraternity, by open heartedly welcoming all yogis, irrespective of tradition, registration, nationality and creed, equally honouring all in it's path as we journey together towards a more conscious planet and a luminous future.


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